Hey hey now!! I guess you would say I am in my healing stages of my journey. One thing I suggest is to have a conversation with your parent about their life. In doing so, it can open up dialogue that is needed to heal your own trauma. Pick at their upbringing, friends, dreams and goals while in the conversation. I made some huge revelations speaking with my mom last night. I put quite a few things into perspective about how I was raised. As I said in a previous post, our parents went through ALOT growing up and they did not have the resources, the know how or the technology that we have now to help them. 
I will never bash my parents for things that happened during my childhood. Again, my go to phrase "parenting does not come with a handbook so they did the best they could with what they had". I honestly don't believe that generation knows about healing their own trauma. If children do the things their parents did to them over and over again, that is how things become generational curses. If something doesn't sit right with you after you have become and adult and you get ready to have children, don't repeat the cycle. Change it, YOU have that power. We don't know what we are doing out here as we weren't given directions on how to live life. Society tends to mimic itself, so everyone looks to each other for clues on what to do next. Look inside yourself to find what is right for YOU take the lead for your life. Pray and also meditate to find peace and then listen to yourself, you know, that gut feeling you have that you always ignore. Be kind to yourself and your parents. Also have conversations with your children and keep communication open with them, especially in this world we live in. While you are having issues and dealing with trauma from your childhood, guess what, your children are experiencing trauma as well. Children are hurting and it is evident by their actions. 

You are okay, you are loved and you are doing an amazing job thus far!!
Remember, you CAN have and do ANYTHING you want in this life. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If you want it, go get it. No one can stop you but YOU.

Love ya lots,



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