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Hey hey now!! I guess you would say I am in my healing stages of my journey. One thing I suggest is to have a conversation with your parent about their life. In doing so, it can open up dialogue that is needed to heal your own trauma. Pick at their upbringing, friends, dreams and goals while in the conversation. I made some huge revelations speaking with my mom last night. I put quite a few things into perspective about how I was raised. As I said in a previous post, our parents went through ALOT growing up and they did not have the resources, the know how or the technology that we have now to help them.  I will never bash my parents for things that happened during my childhood. Again, my go to phrase "parenting does not come with a handbook so they did the best they could with what they had". I honestly don't believe that generation knows about healing their own trauma. If children do the things their parents did to them over and over again, that is how things become gen

Healing part II

Hey hey there!! As I scroll social media, I see one thing that is happening in alot of lives which is recognizing and healing childhood trauma. We are coming into stages of our lives that while we are growing and evolving, we are recognizing that we are in pain. Recognizing and addressing this pain can be/is hard. I have a phrase that I like to say which is "life nor parenting comes with a handbook, we do the best we can with what we are given". In realizing this, it made some of the hurt and pain of my childhood ease. My parents generation endured some real life trauma. Many of them were children of indentured servants, racial injustices were a daily thing and just the life they lead was very different from how we live now. Now that I know what I know about life through life experiences and having my own children, I can give my own self some slack to try to release the pain. Generational curses are more than just living in poverty for generations or having children young. Ju


 Hey hey there! Life is really something I tell you. So let me start at the beginning of this glorious life changing spiritual journey that I have embarked on. I was sitting on the couch one day, simply sat up and said what exactly is life, what am I, where am I and why am I here? Those questions started my mind racing and started to have a strange urge to question EVERYTHING! Nothing was making sense. Then of course when you start questioning and thinking out loud, your phone starts sending you emails and social media posts pertaining to those subjects. I began to be a sponge and started soaking up answers to questions that I had asked years ago. I had what I have read to be a "download". I felt like my brain was a puzzle and pieces were starting to fit into place. Learning to meditate made my pieces fall when they were supposed to, at the right time.  I have learned so much about life and myself over the past two years, starting my loc journey at the same time I believe was


(DISCLAIMER)Hey there, I will start by saying everything I write is from my personal experience. I no longer trust anything I read or see because it has been done by man. Things have a way of being manipulated, twisted and transformed into the way the powers that be want it to go. Everyday there is something else that we find out has not been the truth. There is no one who knows the truth but the creator.  One question I have asked in my journey is why do we have so much pain. When we are born although the birth is beautiful, it is traumatic on the mother and child. Since life doesn't have a handbook, parents do the best they can with what they have and what the universe has dealt them. So if life doesn't come with a handbook, parenting definitely won't,  As an adult, I have come to realize the reason I do certain things or think a certain way has ALOT to do with trauma from my childhood. When going through your spiritual awakening, this is one phase you have to go through


  Well hello there and welcome to my blog. My name is Robin, I am 46 years old, married to the love of my life whom I have been with for 29 years and I have two beautiful adult children. During the height of COVID-19 in 2020 I started questioning life itself. This blog will be my journey, my thoughts, my perception and my views on life and how to navigate it. There are many articles, books, websites, and people out there with tons of knowledge on spirituality and life. This blog, MY blog, is how I receive, interpret and understand the information the universe gives me. I am sure you won't agree with everything or maybe anything you see or read as we all perceive things differently. If what I say is for you, you will understand. I am excited to start this journey with you. I look forward to see where the universe takes me and what new information I will learn and how many lives I will be able to touch. Until next time, R