Healing part II

Hey hey there!! As I scroll social media, I see one thing that is happening in alot of lives which is recognizing and healing childhood trauma. We are coming into stages of our lives that while we are growing and evolving, we are recognizing that we are in pain. Recognizing and addressing this pain can be/is hard. I have a phrase that I like to say which is "life nor parenting comes with a handbook, we do the best we can with what we are given". In realizing this, it made some of the hurt and pain of my childhood ease. My parents generation endured some real life trauma. Many of them were children of indentured servants, racial injustices were a daily thing and just the life they lead was very different from how we live now. Now that I know what I know about life through life experiences and having my own children, I can give my own self some slack to try to release the pain. Generational curses are more than just living in poverty for generations or having children young. Just because something has been done a certain way for years or generations does not mean it is right. There comes a time when someone will wake up and realize that no, this is not supposed to happen like this, it is causing hurt and harm to all of us. When we become adults we should be able to be treated as adults by our elders. Why is it ok for us to have to be belittled, cursed at, mocked and even laughed at by our elders? Why is this ok? But in turn we are supposed to still respect you? I have always been taught in order to get respect you have to give respect, why does this change when it comes to family? Its things like this that in order for us to evolve and be our best selves we must address. Unfortunately there are some who won't be open to listening to how we feel about certain things that have affected us negatively in our lives so closure or feeling heard won't be possible. Understand that your past does not define you, you were a child and were unable to speak up for yourself or do as you wanted to. You no longer are that person!!! The life you live is YOURS and should be run as such. It has been engraved in us that we should do what our parents want us to do. Why? Why do we have to live a life that we are responsible for, fund and handle all the challenges that come along with it for someone who doesn't have to do all of these things? That isn't fair. I try to keep this in mind when dealing with my children and their lives, dreams and ambitions. This is alot to unload in one post so I will stop here. 

Just know everything happens for a reason. Be grateful for EVERYTHING that happens in your life be it good or bad. I saw a video this morning about someone who called an Uber and something happened where the ride couldn't be completed. The lady was very upset as she couldn't get to where she needed on time and she went back in the house. When she went back in, her kitchen was on fire. Had the Uber ride went as planned, her house would have burned down. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!!!!! Everything you go through has a lesson attached that you will learn and use at some point in your life. Keep pushing, keep praying and keep your faith. Everything will work out in the end.


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