(DISCLAIMER)Hey there, I will start by saying everything I write is from my personal experience. I no longer trust anything I read or see because it has been done by man. Things have a way of being manipulated, twisted and transformed into the way the powers that be want it to go. Everyday there is something else that we find out has not been the truth. There is no one who knows the truth but the creator. 

One question I have asked in my journey is why do we have so much pain. When we are born although the birth is beautiful, it is traumatic on the mother and child. Since life doesn't have a handbook, parents do the best they can with what they have and what the universe has dealt them. So if life doesn't come with a handbook, parenting definitely won't, 

As an adult, I have come to realize the reason I do certain things or think a certain way has ALOT to do with trauma from my childhood. When going through your spiritual awakening, this is one phase you have to go through to know yourself. It's very hard to relive memories that you have stashed away far back in your mind. In order to move onto the next chapter of your life, you have to address the trauma in order to unlearn certain behaviors and reactions. While browsing online there are many postings about healing and trauma which I have come to know it to be called "shadow work". I didn't even know what it was until after I had started working on healing. I am going through my journey by myself with the help of my spiritual guides. Whenever I pray or meditate I ask questions and also for clarifications on different things. It could be that same day or sometime later, I will receive my answer. It could be a phone call, text message, social media post or video or even just in conversation with someone. This is how I am going through my journey. 

I see people use different methods, read books or do research on things that they want to verify and learn more about. I honestly don't want to know the science or the research behind it, I just want to know what the creator was thinking about when he created us. So sitting here thinking, I wonder what the creator envisioned for mankind and how the world was supposed to turn out. Every time I think I understand the reasoning for one thing, something else comes and I start back from scratch. 

My brain is so full of questions I have a headache. That's enough for now.

Until next time,


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