Hey hey there! Life is really something I tell you. So let me start at the beginning of this glorious life changing spiritual journey that I have embarked on. I was sitting on the couch one day, simply sat up and said what exactly is life, what am I, where am I and why am I here? Those questions started my mind racing and started to have a strange urge to question EVERYTHING! Nothing was making sense. Then of course when you start questioning and thinking out loud, your phone starts sending you emails and social media posts pertaining to those subjects. I began to be a sponge and started soaking up answers to questions that I had asked years ago. I had what I have read to be a "download". I felt like my brain was a puzzle and pieces were starting to fit into place. Learning to meditate made my pieces fall when they were supposed to, at the right time.  I have learned so much about life and myself over the past two years, starting my loc journey at the same time I believe was the icing on the cake. Learning to love yourself for who YOU TRULY ARE feels different from anything I have ever felt. I am learning my purpose and the plan that the creator has made for me. What I can say is that is is huge and I am excited to see where my path takes me.

 When the dust settles, I tighten up another notch on my belt and I ask.........Now what's next? (this is where nowwhatznext comes from)

Until next time,



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